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Welcome to Dogwood Studio, located south of Madison, Georgia. Founded in 1986, the studio has been home to Peg Harvard. Enjoy your visit while you're here.

Peg's art studio is in Morgan County, about 65 miles east of Atlanta, and is shared with family and pets. The studio stays cluttered with the graphic design work she does for her clients, as well as the fine art painting she does in her spare time.

On the site Peg shares work that she's done in watercolor, gouache, oil paintings, pen and inks, pencils, and acrylics. She has also been working on a line of note-cards created from photos and artwork done over the years. She has focused on the unique architecture and farmlands in this diverse area in her drawings, paintings, photography and note cards.

Please enjoy your visit as you browse through the site, and keep checking back for updates.



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