I was born in western Pennsylvania, but grew up in Southwest Florida - Bonita Springs to be exact. I've always drawn, colored and painted for as long as I can remember. One of my first memories in school was my second grade teacher calling me out in front of class for drawing instead of paying attention to what she was teaching!

I moved to Morgan County, Georgia, in the early 1980's because it was very close in many ways to my native birth state of Pennsylvania. A while back I visited Pennsylvania for the first time in many years and was amazed at how little the countryside had changed in the Amish communities close to where I lived as a small child. I also realized while I was there, that those formative years shaped my desire to paint all things old and weathered.

In 2015 - I semi-retired and moved from North Georgia to North Florida . . . from just south of Madison, GA, to SE of Madison, FL. I discovered Advent Christian Village in Dowling Park, Florida, and it's been a real inspiration to live here. Even though there many in the Village, I don't have any dogwood trees outside of my third floor apartment, so I've named the mini-studio in my apartment Studio 303! I'm getting settled in and am involved with their fabulous arts program here.

I make my living in the field of commercial graphic art and design. About 90% of my work over the years has been in general package design, though I also do logos, brochures, catalogs, ads, etc. and have recently expanded into food package design. My motto has always been "say it in print!" To see my graphic side, visit  the Graphics page of this site.

On the fine art side, I enjoy working in color pencil, oils, pencil, and pen-and-ink. My favorite medium is gouache (pronounced g'wosh - hard G sound), which is an opaque watercolor. It's hard to work with but the results are just wonderful.

"Peach Delight"

I've won several awards with my commercial graphic and fine art work through the years, and have been an integral part of several artists' organizations wherever I have lived. I'm a co-founder of the Madison Artists Guild in Madison, Georgia, founded in 1985. My fine art work is part of many private and business collections in the Southeastern United States, and my package design can be seen in most large stores throughout the United States and into Canada.

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