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 I can receive payment via Pay Pal's secure online site for all purchases.


This gallery is comprised of my fine art drawings and paintings. I have some originals and several sets of prints available for purchase.

I make a living through my art. Most of what I do is comprised of graphic design for start-up businesses through large corporations. I also enjoy illustration work that I have to do for my projects, as well as some photography. I love to paint, but don't have too much time for that right now, so sneak in painting time whenever I can.

If you are interested in any of my work, please contact me. I do have limited edition prints, open prints and note cards available of certain paintings. E-mail me for information and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. Payment can be made by Pay Pal.

All of my work is Copyrighted, so I ask you to please respect that and don't take or reproduce my work. My fine and graphic art work is my sole source of income. Thanks.


Pencil Illustration

"Red Delicious" Graphite & Colored Pencil
Image size 12" x 15"


Color Pencils:

"Once Upon A Time"
Color Pencil - 2016

"Zinnias & Lace"

"Changing of the Guard"

"Purple Majesty"

"Orange Sherbet" Color Pencil

"Peach Delight" Color Pencil

"Pretty Maids" Color Pencil

"The Blues Sisters" Color Pencil

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