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This gallery is comprised of fine art drawings and paintings from my early years, starting from school onward. I have always loved spoofing things and drawing caricatures, so have added them in the mix.

All of my work is Copyrighted, so I ask you to please respect that and don't take or reproduce my work. My fine and graphic art work is my sole source of income. Thanks.


I found my old portfolio after being hidden several years in storage. As I photograph and scan the images, I will upload them to this page. Hope you enjoy!

1964 - Pencil drawing - the Beatles

1966 - Pen & Ink: Bone

1966 - Pen & Ink: Bottle

1966 - Pen & Ink: Wood

1965: Pencil of John & George - the Beatles

1966: Pencil of Ringo - the Beatles

I had also done a pencil portrait of Paul, but a friend wanted it so badly, that she made
me an offer I couldn't refuse, so sold it. Never got around to doing another.

1962: Pen & Ink - Pileated Woodpecker

1966: Did a spoof of Batman. My father was a plumber . . . 'nuff said!

1965: Illustration for Humanities class, Edison Community College.

1966: Tonto for WQAM Radio in Miami. Listened to WQAM whenever I could since it was in the 1960's and across the state from us. My 2 favorite DJ's were Dan Chandler and Rick Shaw, both of whom made up skits every day. My 2 favorite skits were the Lone Ranger and Tonto (hence, the drawing) and Chickenman (he's everywhere he's everywhere!). I sent the cartoon in, got a nice letter back, and a few weeks after the letter got to see my drawing on the local Miami TV station's local program.

2000: Back when we still did marker comps, Pennington Seed was working on a new bird seed, called Duck Mix. The name struck me funny, so I made up this spoof for their Art Director.

Note: large images are watermarked to keep folks
from taking my art off the web.

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