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Below is pretty much my life story of the events that lead up to my current spiritual status. It's also what I believe will happen in the future, as I've understood from my years of study.

Confessions of a Former Atheist  -   1

Welcome! If you’re reading this, it means one of two things: I’m either still here on the planet - or I’ve recently disappeared. I’ll clarify in a bit, but I need to give you some background.

I am one of those Baby Boomers. There, I’ve admitted it. I’m old to most of you, but my brain doesn’t think so. It still thinks it’s twenty-something. So while my body is starting to fall apart, my mind is still going strong and I’m able to share decades-worth of information that I’ve gleaned during my lifetime.

I wasn’t born an atheist - I became aware that I existed just before age 3. My early memories of family life in Pennsylvania are crystal clear, and at this point in life I am the only one in my immediate family who remembers what transpired way back then. I won’t bore you with details, though some are fascinating, some horrifying and some humorous, but I’ll just share that I remember 2 different churches that I was dragged to during that time of my life. We didn’t go for very long at either church, and I never saw any change in my parents’ behaviors or attitudes when we did go. I just figured it was a place to go and sing songs, listen to a speaker and then talk to people like a social club. I’m not knocking either of the pastors; I’m just sharing what I remember as a childhood experience.

The closest thing to spirituality I can remember is the time we lived outside of an Amish community. My father had made some friends, and we socialized with them. It was one of the few happy times I remember in our family, and I suppose it’s why artistically I love all things turn-of-the-century farm related. Before we were able to eat dinner, we had to kneel at our respective chairs and pray. I was impressed with the Amish folk as they seemed to live what they believed. That’s the first time I’d ever seen that in my 8 years of life.

When we moved to Florida for my father’s health a year later, my brother and I were sent to church once we were settled. The closest one was a Baptist church, so that’s where we went since we walked everywhere in the town where we lived. I didn’t go all the time and looking back I realize that I’d go for awhile, then quit for awhile before returning. This went on throughout my teen years. By the time I’d graduated high school and had a year of college I had totally quit going. I knew some great folks there, but didn’t see a change in the majority of the people I knew at church. I still thought of it as a social club.

By the time I was through with the 1 1/2 years of college I was able to attend, I didn’t believe there was a God at all. I hadn’t seen much of a difference in the way folks lived who professed to be Christians except for a very few. I was taught evolution and it made perfect sense to me.

I married and had our daughter, and instead of going to church on the weekends several of us got together and headed for the woods or the beach with our kids. All of us believed that life is what it is and after that there’s nothing. This existence is all that there is to life, so we needed to enjoy what we had when we had it. We enjoyed camping, fishing, hunting and the beach. It was a good time for all 3 of our families. 

Then one Saturday night at a different friend’s party we were sitting around, talking, and the subject of eternity came up, and the hereafter. The thing that pierced my heart was a statement made from a friend who said, “What if there really WAS a God? Would you be willing to risk what happened to you after you died in not believing?” In an instant my thought process was changed. What if there really WAS a great intelligent being that created everything? At that moment I went from Atheist to Agnostic and I began searching for answers.

 My search lead me to a group of “spiritists” in our area. I never attended a meeting or séance but used my local library to check out books on the occult from as far away as Great Britain. I began to question everything I’d learned in Sunday school about this guy named Jesus who supposedly did miracles so long ago. The things I was learning showed me that this Jesus used teleportation and levitation among other tricks to do the things he was supposed to have done. Even I was able to do some small things using the power of my mind, so what was the big deal all about? The more of these things I practiced, the more power I had and the more things I could do.

 About that time I met my husband’s cousin. We sponsored him in a side business we were into, and he came to the house quite frequently. I knew he was different. He spoke this jargon that I’d heard in church earlier in life, but like the Amish, he was one of the few who actually lived what he believed. For some reason that didn’t make me angry like the "churchy" people who came to my door and said I was going to Hell because I wasn’t “saved.” I asked him lots of questions about this Jesus and what type of powers he was using. He didn’t know the specifics but kept referring me to a teacher in his church who was a science teacher and, along with his pastor, probably had the answers I was looking for.

One quick note before I continue. Did I mention that during this time I became allergic to bee and wasp stings? When we’d go out in the woods in open dune buggies, I started getting stung. Hmmm. Looking back on it, I was the only one who was getting repeatedly stung. At first I thought the reaction was all in my head, but one Sunday when we were riding down the road from a friend’s home I saw a wasp and watched it hit my arm. The next thing I remember was waking up in the grass about a half mile down the road and everyone looking down at me worried. That’s when I went to an allergist and that’s when he told me I should be DEAD! He didn’t know why I was still alive. I think that’s why I intensified my search for truth. For the first time in my life I realized I wasn’t invincible.

 After talking with Cousin for several months, one Sunday morning – May 21, 1978 to be exact – I woke up with an urgency within me that I couldn’t explain, except that I HAD to go to church that morning. I guess my whole demeanor rattled my family because we found some old “churchy/funeral” clothes and drove to the church that Cousin attended. After being warmly greeted, we went through the routine that I’d remembered as a child with the singing and passing the plate for donations. The preacher gave a sermon on why we were created and about half way through something hit me like a ton of bricks. I physically felt something lift off of me and for the first time in my 31 years of life I could understand the truth. At that instant, in my seat, I told this guy Jesus that I believed all the things I’d heard and read about him and his father, and told him that I was turning my life over to him. I didn’t know what it all meant, but I was sincere. For the first time I could ever remember I felt a peace deep inside my being that I couldn’t explain. But I knew it was true and I knew it was there.

                                                (Full-sized chart link is below.)


Confessions of a Former Atheist – 2

At the end of the previous section, I shared a graphic. Ever since I gave my life over for God to run, I have studied hard. I studied the Bible, I studied other’s works and everything I could get my hands on because I still sought the truth. The more I studied, the more I realized that I was alive at a very special time in history – the time of the end of all things as we’ve known them.  

You see, I’ve learned that our lives have a beginning and an end. The same goes with all of creation. We’re all on a Space-Time Line that has a fixed beginning and end. The “time” before that was forever past and once the Time Line is finished, it will be forever future when time ceases to exist. The graphic I shared was a tiny part of the very end of the Time Line Continuum.  

Now, before we delve into the chart and the subject of creation, I have to share with you in depth that I used to believe in evolution…until my husband wanted to raise show Guppies. Some of you don’t know what those are. Guppies are a type of small fish (about the size of large minnows) and there are some that have specific colors and patterns that are highly prized. I found out almost immediately that they don’t evolve into those colors and patterns; they have to be carefully bred and ruthlessly culled to achieve show status. All my teachers and the talking heads on all the TV shows spouting evolution’s premise that we’re all getting better and more advanced flew in the face of the reality I saw – that if left alone these fish morphed back into their pond minnow state. Then I started looking at our pets – cats and dogs. They, too, had been carefully bred in order to morph into the different breeds and that some of those were so inbred that they had great physical problems. It just didn’t make sense. The more I looked, the more things pointed to an intelligent creator who put things together. A friend of mine asked me once, “The combustion engine for an automobile is much less complex than the human body. If you put all the parts of that engine into a washing machine and ran it for a million years, would all those parts come together to make that engine?” Definitely not! 

I have come to believe that everything we see was created. There is an infinitely intelligent Being out there who put it all together and like it or not we are part of that creation for the Being to enjoy. As an artist, I am continually compelled to create a painting, drawing or whatever else visual. It made sense that somewhere beyond the universe there is a creative great being who wanted to put something together for his enjoyment. That Being lives outside the Time/Space Continuum that he put us in, so he can view it start to finish – sort of like those who put together train sets like I remember my father had when I was a child. It had moving roads and sidewalks and several tiers of trains. If we were someone on the sidewalk, we would only see the things moving around us, but as the creator we would see it all at once and would control it all out of sight from those on the sidewalk of that train set.  That is the illustration accompanying today’s post to illustrate how we are like those stuck in the train set/time line. 

I have in recent years learned that if you can’t see or believe in something, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist! It was a really hard, painful, expensive and time-consuming lesson. I didn’t know for over a year that I had cancer. I didn’t believe I had cancer, I didn’t see cancer, but yet it was there lurking and growing in my body. Only when it grew large enough to start protruding and becoming painful did I know that something was wrong and that something was there. I know it’s a negative example, but even if we don’t believe in a great intelligent creator or see him, that doesn’t mean he isn’t there. Even if we can’t see electricity or air they’re still there and working behind the scenes like that creator-being. 

Way back on the time line, people started calling this great intelligent creator God. Those who believed him were able to communicate with him, and some were given messages for the people around them. Some were even privileged to see his other created beings, the messengers that some call angels. This creator being God stepped into the Time Line on occasion to alter the course of what we call history in different ways. I won’t go into a lot of detail as most of these have been recorded both in the book called the Bible and other historian writings. You can easily check them out for yourself. 

The graphic chart that I put together is what I understand will happen at the very end of this Time Line. I know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is going to happen very soon, probably within my lifetime – and remember I am one of the earliest Baby Boomers. Since I have tried to help you understand why I believe as I do, next section I will start sharing this graphic chart’s meaning.


The Time-Space Continuum

 In the early segment of the Time Line, God reached out to a man named Abram. God told this man to leave his home and country and travel where God told him to go. Since this man obeyed God, he was considered as the head of a people God called for himself. These people were the Jews and the nation that God formed was Israel. God worked closely with this nation for centuries, guiding them, correcting them, and blessing them as he wanted them to be his children. At that time there were only 2 types of people on Planet Earth as far as God was concerned – the Jews and the Gentiles. Never mind that the “Gentiles” were comprised of many different races and countries of people. In God’s eyes there were just the two. Those Gentiles who believed God could become as Jews – or his children – through certain rituals but they couldn’t be God’s family apart from that. And every time any of them disobeyed God, they had to kill an animal to pay for their disobedience, because this creative being God was not only loving, but he couldn’t stand disobedience. He created rules for his creation to run smoothly, and that included the people. Just like a parent corrects a disobedient child, God used animal sacrifices as part of correcting his children.

About 2,000 years ago, God decided to do away with those animal sacrifices and provide a final, big sacrifice so that people, if they accepted that sacrifice, could do away with killing animals once and for all. I won’t go into the details at this time, but this creative being God is made up of 3 spirits and the ancients called him Elohim (God plural). God the first spirit sent the second spirit to become born of a pure human and walk this earth to understand first-hand what it was like to be human. It also gave him a direct line to communicate with us. Have you ever so desperately wanted to be able to talk to your cat or dog when you had to take them to the vet? I did when my cat Junior had bone marrow cancer. I wished I could communicate with him and tell him that I was trying to help him, but I couldn’t. That’s how God felt about communicating with us. The second spirit that was born as a human was named Jesus. He was God and man at the same time. He was born for one purpose and that was to become the final great sacrifice to completely pay for our disobedience against God. The animals that were killed could only cover up that disobedience (called sin in the Bible). Jesus’ sacrifice, since he was also God, was able to take it away forever for those who accepted that gift. And God showed Jesus that his sacrifice was accepted when he was raised from the dead.

Jesus stayed on earth for 40 days before he left because he was waiting for the leaders of the nation of Israel to accept and believe him. When they didn’t, he went back to what we call heaven – where God dwells beyond the universe – and will be back at the end of the Time Line.

Now that God’s children of Israel had officially rejected his gift of his son’s sacrifice, God decided to set them aside for a little while and open the door to all people of every race and every nation to accept this gift of his. He started what we call today the church. In the Bible it’s called a mystery, meaning it had never been revealed before. Now this church is a special entity for a certain period of time, then God will deal with his children Israel once again. That graphic chart shows what will happen to God’s nation of Israel – and the rest of the world – during that time right before the Time Line is finished.

God knows everything from start to finish. He loves his creation very much, which is shown in written works – the Bible and other historic works. He has continued to pave a way for human beings to be his children all through the Time Line so that we could spend that final phase of life – future eternity – with him where he lives in great splendor.  He knows who will accept his gift of forgiveness through Jesus’ sacrifice, and he knows who will not, but he keeps trying anyway and will give each person continual chances throughout their lives. There will be only 1 place in all of creation in the future eternity where God will be absent, and that is the place where those people who hated him will be sent when they die. They rejected them when they were alive in this phase of life, so he will allow them to spend the final phase of life without him, just as they wished.

This church that God formed in the first century AD on the Time Line will be supernaturally called out of the Time Line shortly before its end. Israel has been the” bride” of God (the first spirit, or Father), and the church which was formed later is the “bride” of God’s son (the second spirit), Jesus. If you read about the Jewish wedding tradition, you will see what will be in store for the church at the end of its Time Line. The bridegroom usually comes for the bride when she least expects it, and snatches her and her wedding party away with him to join his wedding party at his father’s house, where the two will be married. So, when the last person (that God knows will accept his great sacrifice of Jesus’ death for their disobedience) turns their life over to him, then Jesus will call his bride - the church - away from earth to his father’s house! Most Christians call that the rapture of the church. The word rapture comes from the Greek meaning to snatch away, like a raptor such as an eagle snatches a fish out of the water and takes it away. After that happens, God the father begins to deal with Israel to refine his bride for eternity future. We call that the Tribulation.


The Time Line at the End of Time

In the last installment I wrote that God set Israel aside for awhile and created the church. Some people think that God just threw Israel away, but he didn’t. The church and Israel are like 2 sets of dishes. Some you use for everyday and some you use for special company. The church and Israel are like those 2 sets of dishes. God had one set out of the cupboard for awhile, now he has the other set out of the cupboard, but they’re both in the house and being used, not thrown away. During this time that the church is out of the cupboard, people of the nation of Israel can still give their lives over to Jesus, accepting his sacrifice for their disobedience, and be part of the church. God didn’t throw them in the trash can!

The church has been called a mystery because nothing like it had ever been created before Jesus went back to be with God. The extra kicker in this mystery is the work of the third spirit called the Holy Spirit. Since this super intelligent being called God created the whole universe to run so smoothly, he can also be everywhere at once through his third spirit. When some of God’s people alive during the earlier part of the Time Line needed extra help, they would call out to God and he would help them with the Holy Spirit. Now that the church is in operation the Holy Spirit, that third spirit of God, somehow marks the members of his church once they have turned their lives over to Jesus. The spirit also lives in the hearts of those who have turned their lives over to Jesus to help them learn and to live to please God.

When the last person on earth who will be part of the church turns their lives over to Jesus, then it will be time for all members to be taken to the place where God dwells. The Bible says that those who have died will be called up first, and raised from the dead with new bodies that will be able to withstand the different atmosphere of Heaven – bodies that will never die. The next group to be called will be those who are alive who have turned their lives over to Jesus. They, too, will be given new bodies that will never die. When all the believers (people who have believed in the sacrifice of Jesus and turned their lives over to him) have left earth, that means the third spirit of God has been taken back to Heaven with them. Not only had the Holy Spirit helped the believers, but he kept the bad in the world from getting out of hand.  More on that later.

The Tribulation graphic chart begins with the snatching away (the rapture) of the believers into Heaven to be with God the first spirit (the Father), his second spirit (the Son Jesus) and the third spirit, the Holy Spirit. It’s like God washed the set of church dishes he was using and put them in the cupboard, and started using the Israel dishes again. The time of the church is over which is called the age of grace, when God in his grace called out people from earth to become his children. Now God’s dealings with people on earth, and Israel, will be like it was in the old days – much earlier on the Time Line.

The one thing that will be different is that the enemy of God, called Satan, will not be restrained like he used to be, and he will do everything in his power to kill off all the people of Israel and anyone who has turned their lives over to God during this time. Unlike the age of grace – the church age – people won’t have the Holy Spirit living in them and marking them for Heaven. They will have to work for their souls to make it Heaven. If they believe in the work of Jesus, then decided to turn away, it will have been like they rejected God all along. The people of Israel will go back to the old ways of sacrificing animals to cover their disobedience, their sins. Only those alive and still believing at either their death or the end of these 7 years of tribulation will make it into Heaven.

The chart shows 2 different time lines – events in Heaven, and events on earth. I am not a Bible scholar, just a lay person, but I have studied for the past 30-plus years and most of that study was in the field of Eschatology – or the study of end-times events. I have always wanted to know what to look for and what will happen around the end of the Time Line. There are several great teachers whose works I have studied along with the Bible, and I have watched our understanding of Biblical prophecy unfold as things near the end of the Time Line. I have set this time line chart up using the knowledge I’ve gained over the years of study. If, God forbid, you are here after a large number of people have suddenly disappeared you will need to know what will happen during the 7 years of the literally hell on earth that awaits you. If no one’s disappeared, it means we are still in the age of grace, the church age, and this should give you a glimpse of what you can miss if you turn your life over to Jesus. If you have already done that, you will see what will await you in Heaven during this time.


The Seal Judgments

Shortly after the disappearance of a large number of people, God will begin to deal with Israel’s unbelief in his Son Jesus, and with the rest of the people left on earth. These people either outright rejected God, or didn’t bother to give it a thought and have found themselves left behind in a world that will soon resemble a blockbuster disaster movie for seven years.

I’m sure you have heard the world’s politicians talk about a new world order. Even George W. Bush spoke of it, and started NAFTA, which would put the United Stated grouped with all of north and central America. In the Book of Revelation at the end of the Bible, that would be one of the 10 kingdoms spoken of. In order for one person to rule the whole world, it would have to be divided in larger groups than it is now. Many countries must be grouped together – like the European Union – in order to manage the people, wealth and resources more efficiently. With the invention of the computer and the RFID chip (you’ve seen them in the packages you’ve brought home from the store), anyone can be tracked anywhere in the world today. The technology is already in place. The RFID chip emits a radio signal that can be tracked – in the stores it must be deactivated once the product is paid for or else the receiver at the door will sound an alarm when you leave. The technology is already in place to have that chip – the size of a grain of rice – implanted into people. That is how people will be tracked.

There are 7 Seal judgments which make up the first 3 1/2 years of the Tribulation period on earth. You’ve heard of the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse? This is where they came from. They are images of 4 things that will happen at the beginning of the Tribulation period. The first horse depicted is a white horse with a rider carrying a bow with no arrows. That means that a leader will arise (a white horse signifies conquest and generals like Napoleon rode them into battle) who will come to world power through peaceful means. That world leader is alive now and waiting in the wings to be revealed. The disappearance of many people (the church) will cause the already unstable world markets to go over the edge and probably cause a cascade effect in the banking system. We all know that many countries, the US included, is printing money in their efforts to keep their monetary systems stable. This catastrophic disappearance will likely trigger a great world stock market crash. This leader will come up with ways to fix these systems, though temporarily, and the people left on earth will demand he be their leader.

Of course, the second horse/seal judgment is the horse of war. There will always be someone who can’t be pleased, and there will be countries that won’t like the solutions, so they will go to war. Probably an escalation of war in the Middle East against Israel will be part of that war.

With war comes famine – the black horse or the third seal judgment.  Even now there many parts of the world under severe drought like the state of California. Food prices here have skyrocketed because of it. Once the bombs start dropping the the tanks start rolling all over the countryside, there will be very few crops left to feed the world’s population and many will starve.

This brings us to the 4th Seal judgment, or the 4th horse of death, the pale horse. Between the wars and the lack of food, many will starve to death and die of diseases on a scale never before seen in history. These judgments are natural judgments which come from man’s actions.

The 5th seal comprises of the saints (those who have given their lives over to Jesus) being killed for their faith. The one world leader will have his own religion and it doesn’t involve God. As I see the rapid rise of the Muslim religion and their demands that one must either accept that religion or die, it makes perfect sense to me that this would be the religion of the world leader and his religious leader.

The 6th seal is made up of turmoil in the heavens and a great earthquake. Revelation chapter 6 and verses 12-17 describe it pretty well.  The great earthquake comes at the same time that the sun turns black and the moon turns red. Stars fall from the heavens – which may be meteorites. The whole effect is so catastrophic that the rich and rulers will hide in the caves and dens, and know in their hearts that it is God’s doing. This is in preparation to the second half of the Tribulation, which is also called the Great Tribulation, when God pours his wrath down on planet earth.

The final seal judgment is two-fold. There is silence in all of Heaven because of the realization of what is to come, and it also starts the first Trumpet judgment, when God intervenes and begins to destroy the earth, one segment at a time. This will cause the death of millions of people, Jew and Gentile alike, who refused to believe God. The people who remained true to God will also be killed, since these final judgments will be worldwide.

At the very center of the 7 years two things happen. Here on earth, the world leader shows his true character. He travels to the temple in Jerusalem, which has been built in the past few years, and demands that all the people of the world worship him as a god. At this time Satan is cast out of Heaven for good, and enters into the soul of the world leader, which the Bible calls the Beast, or Antichrist.


The Middle of the Tribulation

Now, I will elaborate on the middle of the Tribulation period (three-and one-half year mark), during the Seventh Seal Judgment. But first we’ll have to go back to before the Time-Line and the creation of our universe to catch us back up to what is really going on in Heaven and why this one world leader will be taken over by Satan.

Way back in eternity past, before God created his universe and earth, he created messenger spirits. These spirit beings are what we call angels. God had angels that stood around his throne and sang to him and worshiped him. The head worship angel was called Lucifer and was gifted with a voice and the knowledge of music. It was his job to lead the worship around God’s throne. Unfortunately, his talents gave him what we call “the big head” or a bad dose of pride, and he got jealous that the angels weren’t worshiping him. He decided he wanted to be like God and wanted to take over God’s place. At that point, he was kicked out of his place, but not before he spread his discontent among at least a third of the others, and they left with him. I can’t imagine any being, knowing what Heaven and God were like, would turn their backs on all of that and walk away, but he did.  (Isaiah 14: 12-19)

When God created the earth, and then created the first two people, Adam and Eve, Satan figured he could get them, and all their descendents, to follow him instead of God. When Eve listened to Satan, who disguised himself as a snake (the Bible calls him a serpent) and disobeyed God, which was the first sin or act of disobedience to the few laws that God had set up for mankind. The one law that Eve disobeyed was eating a certain fruit in the Garden they lived in – the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Satan deceived her into eating it. But Eve went to Adam and Adam listened to Eve and not God, which was blatant disobedience. God had set it up that Adam was to take care of the garden and his wife and keep Satan out, which he didn’t do very well. The rest is history – they were both kicked out of the Garden before they could eat of the other special fruit of Eternal Life. God was merciful when he kicked them out because they would have lived eternally like Satan and the angels he took with him – without ever having a chance to make it right with God and spending eternity without him.

When God kicked the first couple out of their Garden home, he told them that there would be one coming that would destroy Satan. Of course, Satan heard it, and he has tried to destroy mankind ever since. When God chose Abram to be the head of a new chosen people, the Jews, Satan realized that the chosen one would come out of that race of people, so he has tried his best to destroy them down through the centuries. And when Satan found out that God’s second spirit was born in the nation of Israel, he caused the king of the area to kill all babies that would be around the age that Jesus would be. God had told his step-dad Joseph to run to Egypt so Jesus wouldn’t be killed. Satan thought he had it made when Jesus died on the cross, but since God raised him from the dead, Satan has resumed his fight against Israel and used dictators and armies to kill as many Jews as he could. And when the church was formed, he started in on the people of the church, and has done so ever since.

All these millennia, God has allowed Satan to have an appointment in God’s throne room and allowed him to accuse God’s people. This is going to stop and Satan and all his followers will be permanently kicked out of Heaven right in the middle of the seven year Tribulation. He will be furious, and will put himself inside the world leader and use him as a puppet to rule the world and destroy as many of God’s people as he can. And he is going to use the body of the one world ruler to have the people of the world worship him, just as he wanted to be worshiped before the beginning of time.


The Great Tribulation

The last three and one-half years left on the Time Line are going to be the most devastating years ever seen in the history of mankind. The first spirit, God the Father, has been very patient with his creatures’ disobedience throughout the Time Line. The only other time in history that God intervened and turned his wrath on earth was during the great flood back towards the early part of the Time Line. He did it to save the purity of the human race, but that is another study for later.


This last few years of earth’s existence as we know it are called the Great Tribulation because during this time God is going to throw great hail, fire and what are described as comets down onto earth to destroy the vegetation, the water, and pretty much everything that man needs to survive. These final judgments total 14 in all: 7 trumpet judgments and 7 bowl or vial judgments. The final trumpet judgment opens the first bowl judgment.


The first 3 trumpet judgments destroy a third of all vegetation on earth, then turning a third of the oceans into blood, and finally a third of the fresh water is turned into blood. If you read the book of Revelation chapters 8 through 10, it gives a graphic description of what will happen during these judgments. The fourth trumpet judgment snuffs out a third of the light from the heavens including the sun, moon and stars, which will make things night and day a third darker.


The final 3 trumpet judgments are called the Woe Judgments (Revelation 8:13) because of their terrible nature which begins even more deadly judgments. The fifth trumpet takes up half of Revelation 9 and describes the demonic beings that are given free rein to torment those people left alive on the earth. People will want desperately to die, but they won’t be able to. That completes the first Woe. The sixth trumpet takes up the second half of Revelation 9 and describes assembling the armies of the east, given power by the hand of Satan, to cross the river Euphrates and march to war, killing a third of the people left on earth. Verse 17 describes fire, smoke and brimstone coming out of their mouths which is a great description of tanks today. The Chinese army is the only army in the world that can fulfill the number of soldiers described in Revelation 9. And I recently read a news post that with the new dam on the Euphrates River, the flow of water can be shut down and dry up the river bed. And they had already done it as a test.


The final trumpet judgment opens the way for the bowl judgments. Revelation 15:5 describes the temple in Heaven opening and 7 angels are introduces who hold the last 7 judgments. The first angel pours out the first bowl and all of the people who took the mark of allegiance to the one world government and its leader are affected with terrible sores. When the second bowl is poured out the remainder of the sea coagulates like blood and all the creatures in the oceans die. The third bowl turns all rivers and all fresh water into blood, so no one will have anything to drink.


When the fourth bowl is poured out the sun scorches men with fire. That sounds like our sun going super-nova. Several years ago I read a little article in the back of our newspaper about things happening to our sun and that the scientists were worried. I wish I would have clipped and saved it now, because I have seen subtle changes in the level of light and sunspots in our sun.


The fifth bowl caused darkness over the headquarters and territories of the one world government. We don’t know exactly how that darkness will be caused, but it could be erupting volcanoes as some scholars have suggested. The sixth bowl causes the river Euphrates to completely dry up for the Chinese army to march on Israel and start their military attack. That begins the campaign of Armageddon, the final great battle on earth. The remaining countries bring their armies to the Valley of Megiddo in Israel where they will fight against Israel to completely wipe the nation and its people off the face of the earth. Satan has empowered these armies to do his bidding, lead by the one world leader, and this is his final fight to the death. The only way out for Israel is a direct intervention from God.


At that point the final judgment of the Great Tribulation is poured out with the greatest earthquake that earth has ever experienced, and with huge hailstones thrown down on mankind. A voice from the temple in Heaven said, “It is finished.” Then the second spirit of God, Jesus, came down from Heaven on a white horse followed by the armies of Heaven and destroyed the armies of the earth and kept them from totally destroying Israel. He threw the antichrist (the one world ruler) and his false prophet (who tried to turn all religions into a one world religion) into imprisonment into the one place in all of creation where God is absent. It is called the lake of fire.


At that point Jesus binds Satan and his followers for a thousand years so that they cannot tempt, deceive or harm any person left living at the end of the tribulation. Jesus sets up his throne in the city of Jerusalem to rule the world for a thousand years (called the Millennium). During that time there will be people born on earth who will be disobedient to God and at the end of that thousand years, Satan will be set free for a period of time to test the people to see if they would stay true to God or follow him. The ones who choose to follow Satan will be destroyed and Satan and his followers will be bound forever in the lake of fire.


Then future eternity begins. All the people who wanted God in their lives will be able to live in his presence. Those who rejected God will spend their final phase of life – eternity future – in the one place where God is absent, the lake of fire. God recreates the earth and heaven and creates a new mini-planet/moon called the city of New Jerusalem where those who were part of the church will live. All others who believed God throughout the rest of the Time Line will live on the new earth for eternity future.


Next, we’ll look at what’s going on in Heaven during these 7 years.


The Great Escape

After the great snatching away of those who gave their lives over to Jesus they will be taken directly to the place where the 3-part God dwells, in Heaven. We get glimpses of it throughout the Bible in both Old and New Testaments. All “raptured” believers will be instantly given new bodies – or resurrected bodies – with the same attributes as Jesus’ new body. Our bodies will be changed to overcome the space-time limitations which now bind us to the Time Line and this earth. The new bodies will live forever and never be subject to the illnesses we face now.

During the last seven years of the current Time Line, during the time of judgment on earth and its people, those believers in Heaven will go through a rewards judgment, a rewards ceremony, and a dinner banquet.

The first event will be the Judgment Seat of Christ (2 Corinthians 5:10). Every believer will stand before the Judgment (Bema in the Greek) Seat where they will give an account of the work they did for God in obedience to him. This is the first order of official business in eternity future for the believer. An example would be that if they believed God told them to do something and they obeyed, they will receive an award. If they disobeyed, or did it to please those around them at the time, or make themselves look better than others, their motives would have been wrong and they won’t receive a reward. Those who hung in there during persecution, those who yearned for Jesus’ return, and those who lead groups of believers will receive rewards to name a few. That is what is meant when Jesus told the people around him to lay up their treasures in Heaven.

The second event will be the giving of awards, or the awards ceremony. There are several crowns given for different types of rewards. These are diadems, or crowns of honor and royalty. 2 Timothy 4:8 speaks of a crown of righteousness, James 1:12 describes a crown of life, 1 Peter 5:4 shows a crown of glory, and Revelation 2:10 describes a crown of life. These are just a few of the rewards written about.  Not much is written about the time called eternity future – just glimpses of how wonderful it will be.

The final event during those 7 years will be the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Jesus is described as the perfect Lamb of God because while he lived here on earth, he lived a perfect life and took the place of the Jewish sacrificed lamb to pay for our disobedience so we wouldn’t have to. Revelation 19:7-9 talks about the event. It will be the final celebration when all believers dine with Jesus and each other in the largest banquet of all time.

Shortly after the Marriage Supper, Jesus returns to earth on a white horse, followed by the armies of Heaven riding white horses. I would like to think those armies were the angels followed by the raptured believers. It doesn’t specify if the believers will be in that campaign. Revelation 19:14 just says “armies.” Jesus and his army will ride down to where the battle of Armageddon will be raging and the armies of earth will immediately turn to fight him. Revelation 19: 19-21 describes how he will take the world leader (the beast) and his false prophet and cast them into the lake of fire alive. He will then destroy the remainder of the armies of the world.

Next – beyond the Time Line.


Off the Chart: A Thousand Years of Peace Then to Infinity and Beyond

After the world’s armies are destroyed, an angel binds Satan with chains and throws him into a bottomless pit where he is imprisoned for a thousand years. At that time the people who believed in Jesus and died during the Tribulation period are raised from the dead. With that resurrection all the people from all along the Time Line who believed in God (during the Old Testament time) and Jesus (during the New Testament time) will be alive in their new bodies and will live with God forever.

Jesus arrives in Jerusalem and sets up his throne to rule the whole world from there for the next thousand years – called the Millennium period. He will govern those people who made it through the Tribulation period still alive. Some will be believers, and some will be those who didn’t fight in the battle of Armageddon. He will judge the survivors and send those unbelievers to the lake of fire. At this point there will only be believers left on earth - some still alive in the bodies like we have now, and the remainder in their new eternal bodies. Those believers of the church will be tasked with ruling with Jesus for that thousand year period. We are not told what that would involve, just that they would be ruling and judging.

During the thousand years of peace there will be many people born from the Tribulation survivors. Those later generations will not have lived through those terrible times, only heard of them. Unfortunately, they will still be human beings and descendants of Adam with that disobedient nature and will not be happy under the ruler ship of Jesus on earth. Since God knows the real nature of mankind’s heart, after that thousand years of peace, he allows Satan to be let out of his prison to stir up the people and give them one final choice to follow God and believe him, or choose to turn their backs on him. Those who choose to follow Satan will be destroyed and Satan thrown in the lake of fire for eternity.

At that time God will cause all of his creation to disappear (Revelation 20:11-15). There will be nothingness, except God the Father – the first spirit – sitting on his throne of judgment. This is called the Great White Throne Judgment and it is reserved for all of those who rejected him while they lived on earth. Each individual born on earth will stand before God and be judged. Since they had rejected him while alive, they were sent to their eternal place in the lake of fire – the only place in all of creation where God will be absent. Since they did not want anything to do with God they will be given their consequences of being without him for all eternity.

After the Great White Throne Judgment, God will create a new heaven and a new earth. I’m sure that means a completely new universe, because he also creates a city, called New Jerusalem, which is fifteen hundred miles wide, long and high. Now our current moon is a little over twenty one hundred miles in diameter, so this will be almost 3/4 the size of it. This city-planet-moon will be built of all sorts of precious stones for its foundations and walls. The streets will be clear, pure gold. It will light the earth because Jesus the second spirit will be living there. This will be the eternal home of all those believers who made up the church. The earth will be inhabited with all the remainder of the believers who lived on the earth throughout the rest of the Time Line. Revelation chapters 21 and 22 give an in-depth description of this.

After this, it’s "infinity and beyond" forever and ever. We’re not given much information about it – just that it will be no more Curse, pain or death, and that God will wipe away all our tears so that we will have joy and peace forever. I don't know about you, but I look forward to my final phase of life!



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